All good things…

Since January 3rd, I have started each day thinking “today is the day we will sign the lease.” People would ask, “Paul, have you signed the lease?” and my response was always, “not yet! but by the end of this week…” As the weeks turned into months, my sanity turned to insanity. Parts of my blonde hair turned silver. It’s not that I was doubting that it would happen, but at times you do get paranoid that others are thinking that it won’t. For which I don’t blame them as they repeatedly get my response of a fake smile concealing my frustration and the same answer, “by the end of the week…” They were probably thinking I was losing it!

Along with a sense of paranoia, I was imagining all the ways that I could speed up the solicitor. I had visions of getting our team to pitch-up tents outside his office until he did his job. Shouting, “do your job, you lazy…!” But perhaps that would have been a bit extreme, plus I don’t like camping!

Nevertheless, as the weeks and months passed, finally the lease was signed by both parties on the 6th March. Hallelujah!!

Reflecting back on it I am not sure why it took so long. It’s crazy to me that it took Nehemiah 52 days to rebuild the whole city wall of Jerusalem and it took the solicitor 158 days to draw up a contract ready to sign when we agreed terms back in October. But what intrigues me more is that we signed the lease on the 6th March 2012 and our very first Sunday was 6th March 2011. I am not sure if there is anything spiritually significant in that, but there is something about God and his perfect timing. In a similar way, the very first Baptist church in the UK was planted in Spitalfields in 1612 and exactly 400 years later we are planting a Baptist church in the same area.

If some people ask, “So what?” my response would be “I’m not sure!”

But it does encourage me to think that God is interested in the detail as well as the big picture. This is also true on a relational level. God is interested in the detail, that is my life! This is a credible reason for why God has made me wait, using this time to develop me, to reveal more of himself to me. I know that is the outcome of the wait.

Thank you Lord.


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