Level up!

I have a confession… I am a gamer! I love playing computer games – playing games is a way that I relax and unwind. If things are stressful at work, it is always great to come home and relax by blowing things up or scoring goals.

But tragically  my my PS3 died a few months ago, which brought an abrupt end to my gaming. Thankfully, Facebook provides some light relief through its online games. But hopefully soon the PS3 will be back in action.

The general point of playing computer games is to get to the next level, because you know when you get to the next level you get more bonuses, or you gain more skill and you also get tougher challenges. Gaming is all about getting to the next level, because it is at the next level you get to see how good you are at a particular game. In fact, fellow gamers judge themselves against each other by the level they have attained in particular games. As soon as you get talking to a person that plays the same game as you, the first question you ask is, “What level are you on?” This is an important question; this is the moment when you discover who is the better, more committed, more experienced gamer.

But why am I telling you this? Well, this morning I had another moment when God woke me up, this time at a reasonable time of 6.30am (thank you, Lord!)

So I asked God in the usual fashion, “God, is there anything you want to say?” In response, I felt him say, “There is always more of me (being God) to experience than you are currently experiencing.”

As I reflected on this, I realised that I had grown in my faith. In gaming terms, I had gone a level up in my faith and in doing so I have seen God do amazing things and provide in amazing ways. But in His provision I have been getting  nervous – I think “Flip! Life Cafe Church is really going to happen”. We now have enough money to enable us to start negotiating on a building – which makes me think, how am I going to do this?

In reaching this new level of faith in God that I need for planting Life, I learn  that I actually need more faith. I realise that both the excitement and the challenge of reaching ‘new levels’ is that you need more of what you originally had in order to go further.

This is why I believe God was saying to me this morning, “There is more of me to experience than what you are currently experiencing.” I believe that God is taking me to new levels that require me to have more faith and a deeper relationship with him.

So what about you? What level are you on and are you ready to go to the next level in your relationship with God?

Remember, there is always more…


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