The fourth fruit is growing…but not quick enough!

Do you spot the irony? Now and again I try to be both funny and clever!

Patience is the fourth fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

It also seems to be the learning curve I am on right now, as patience is not one of my greatest strengths. I want everything right away. I suppose it is the product of living in a time where we expect everything to be instant, whether it’s food, internet access or results. So the fact that we are still no closer to securing premises  causes some level of frustration and at times it makes me wonder whether the vision will ever come to fruition. I mean, how can we call ourselves a cafe church when we have no cafe? (Someone suggested that for now perhaps we should be ‘flask church’).

So what am I learning in these times?

In a way I can see the benefit of not having a cafe. We are being forced to think about how we engage with the community of Brick Lane and it has given us some space to set up some new initiatives. It is also forcing us to get out among the people.

I am also learning that this is a great opportunity to ‘be still and know God’. This has taken me a little time to appreciate, as I am a person who likes to ‘do’ rather than to ‘be’, but sometimes I can get so wrapped up in doing things for God that my time of being with God suffers. When this happens I find myself getting impatient and even doubting everything that we are doing. But John 15 :5-7 reminds us that as we remain in him we will bear much fruit and that without him we can do nothing of worth.

So in  this process of waiting I am going to remain in him and wait for him to grow the fruit.





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