To infinity and beyond…

Yesterday morning I woke up at the ridiculous time of 5.30am with the famous words of Buzz-Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond!” running through my head. As weird as my thought patterns are this is a first, it is not like Toystory is my favouite Pixar film, I much prefer Shrek!

Anyway, I was trying to blank these words from my mind so that I could get back to sleep, but the more I tried the more they kept repeating in my mind. I then decided that I should ask God if he is trying to say something to me.

Here is the response:

I believe God is looking for people who like Buzz have the confidence to go further than they have ever gone before, people who do not settle for where  they are currently, but who dare to keep pushing the boundaries in order discover more about the loving character of God. People who will not be held back by a spirit of fear and timidity but who will step out in boldness, power and love.

I feel this is relevant for the adventure that we are undertaking in Brick Lane. My aim is to live with the same passion and drive of Buzz-Lightyear, and allow God to take me to infinity and beyond. What about you?



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