Where there’s a problem, there’s provision

This phrase was something one of the praying ladies said to me while I was on prayer retreat recently. In response I thought to myself, ‘I like that and perhaps one day, when I have a greater following on twitter, I might tweet that, but for now I will just hold onto it.’

So then, within a week, I met with an architect and project manager to look at the work that we need to get done to the property, and as the conversation went on I got more and more overwhelmed. It seemed I needed a different engineer for this and a different engineer for that. I did not realise that so many engineers existed! I thought about telling them my engineer joke to lighten the mood. The one when you say ‘what’s this?’ as you twist your ear and go vroom vroom. ‘An engine ear.’ But I thought these guys seemed too serious.

Then when they told me I would need a specific engineer just to come and measure the walls I thought, ‘come on, you cannot be serious, give me a tape measure and I’ll do it myself. In fact I could go down to B&Q, buy one of those fancy red laser gadgets and do the job a great deal cheaper.’ So I came away wondering how we could afford all these professionals? But then I held onto the phrase above and the truth that where there is a problem there is God’s provision, so I gave it to Him!

On the Monday of the next week I then spoke with a man who had volunteered his services as a structural engineer and surveyor to come and look at the property. As our conversation continued it transpired that not only was he going to do all of this work for free, as what he called “a love gift,” he would also be able to utilise his vast experience to draw some architectural drawings for the design of the cafe. How amazing!

So please remember this, where there is a problem this is always provision. I love the fact that my God is able to do far more than I could ever possibly ask or imagine. In fact, I can’t wait for the next problem!


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