Why church planting

I have been listening to Tim Keller’s podcast “Why Church planting?” It is well worth a listen. Essentially, what he says is that,

“planting new churches is the best way to reach a new generation. That it is better than any other kind of outreach, better than any programme… the way to reach a new generation is to plant a church in them, for them, toward them.”

He also says that “Young adults are always disproportionately found in new congregations.”

For these reasons and others Tim Keller believes that all churches should be involved in church planting. Now, I understand that not every church is in the position to plant a church on their own, but there is a way that we can work together to plant chuches. I want to network with churches, organisations and individuals to invest in church planting.  I, like Tim Keller, believe that church planting is the best way for us to reach the new generation. Therefore, I am willing to dedicate my life to serving God by planting churches so that this generation and the ones to come, will always find a church that is accessible to them. What are you willing to give?

None of this is a criticism of the established church, there is and will always be a need for the established church. Tim Keller acknowledges this and points out that often established churches are better equipped for deeper discipleship.

I am passionate about building bridges with the established church so that together we can plant new churches and see this new generation and our city transformed.

“For greater things are yet to come, the greater things are still to be done in this city…”





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