Immeasurable odds

Have you ever had a vision bigger than yourself…bigger than what you feel able to accomplish in your own strength… bigger than what you believe your current gifting and ability can accomplish…bigger than what your mind is able to comprehend?

This is how I felt walking along Brick Lane yesterday. This kind of vision fills me with both fear and excitement. In this battlefield of emotions,I find comfort in the fact that this is not my vision, it is God’s vision. Therefore, it is only God who is able to bring it to fruition.

The bible is full of stories of how people overcome immeasurable odds as they step out in faith. One of my favourite is when the young shepherd boy, steps out onto the battle field to confront the 9 ft tall, champion fighter. God enabled him to overcome the odds with a sling shot and a pebble. I also love the story of how God tells Gideon to reduce his army down to 300 when they are about to go into battle against an army of 135,000 trained warriors. Surely against such odds it is impossible for Gideon and his army of 300, but God gives them the victory.

The great point about these stories is that they remind us that when we put our faith in God we are able to overcome immeasurable odds.

I want to have the faith of David and Gideon, I want to be a person who steps out on the battle field with nothing but faith, so that when I stand in the victory, the only response I will have is, “Praise God!”

In response to my prayer request posted on facebook to pray for a grant application. I am sorry to say that we did not get it, but the feedback we got was very positive and that they are willing to review our application again in January, subject to a few minor changes.

However, this minor setback has not dampened our enthusiasm, there are many other positives that are happening and as they come to fruition I will be sharing them with you. But we are now really focusing on fund raising, and we are looking for people, business and churches for financial support.







Time to practice what I preach

The danger of preaching is that people then expect you to practice it. On Sunday I spoke from James 1 and I spoke about how we should consider it pure joy when we face trials and temptations. Which at first sounds crazy because who is joyful when going through a hard time? But the point is that trials and temptations are opportunities for us to put our faith in God, enabling us to mature in our faith. So having preached on this I feel that I was given a few opportunities to grow up.

Because lately I have been worrying about finances. I have recently had my salary reduced and Amy’s (my wife) contract comes to an end in Oct. I am also worrying about how on the Lord’s luscious green earth am I going to raise £60k to get this cafe church off the ground? And then with all of these worries over the past few weeks my phone died, my ps3 died, my jeans got a hole in the crotch and my car windscreen got a huge crack along the windscreen. All presenting me with financial trials. My initial response was God, have I done something to cheese you off? To top it off something else happened that made me feel like a dementor had come and sucked every ounce of life out of me.

But as I told the congregations, trials are opportunities to grow and mature in the faith. So I am asking God what is the lesson that I have to learn? But I know I do not need to ask because I already know the answer.

And it is in this I find joy, because I know God is about to do something big.

So watch this space.

To infinity and beyond…

Yesterday morning I woke up at the ridiculous time of 5.30am with the famous words of Buzz-Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond!” running through my head. As weird as my thought patterns are this is a first, it is not like Toystory is my favouite Pixar film, I much prefer Shrek!

Anyway, I was trying to blank these words from my mind so that I could get back to sleep, but the more I tried the more they kept repeating in my mind. I then decided that I should ask God if he is trying to say something to me.

Here is the response:

I believe God is looking for people who like Buzz have the confidence to go further than they have ever gone before, people who do not settle for where  they are currently, but who dare to keep pushing the boundaries in order discover more about the loving character of God. People who will not be held back by a spirit of fear and timidity but who will step out in boldness, power and love.

I feel this is relevant for the adventure that we are undertaking in Brick Lane. My aim is to live with the same passion and drive of Buzz-Lightyear, and allow God to take me to infinity and beyond. What about you?